UK Impression Tour
We can come to you! If you would like to have you impressions taken at your location please purchase and register on our UK Tour. This will be conducted on a date where we can come directly to yourself (subject to availability, please see above) and at no extra cost.

Impression Redeem Scheme
​If you find it more convenient to get you ear impressions taken by a local audiologist near to you, we have recommended audiologists all over the UK which we work with our voucher system (free ear impression voucher). Your ear impressions are taken and then can be sent to ourselves.

If your local audiologist is not currently using our voucher scheme, we will take the price of the ear impressions away from our retail product price (Maximum refund price towards impressions is £30. Proof of receipt needed).

Extra Effort Goes A Long Way...
Our custom hearing protection, custom ear plugs and custom in ear monitors take that little extra step to get ear impressions taken. This extra step allows us to manufacture custom products of the highest quality. The custom ear mould will allow you to have complete sealing and comfort in whatever use.

​We will be pleased to help find the time/place that is most convenient for you, please contact us via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.